3-pillar model of property management

Our motto: “Complete property service”

Helenos Immobilienverwaltung GmbH’s services are based on a 3-pillar-model containing the areas of commercial, technical and infrastructural management. Defining the service areas services to promote and guarantee quality and transparency at the individual service levels.

We have broken down the standardised cornerstones of our management for you in detail:

Commercial management

  • Property-based accounting
  • Cost management
  • Contract management
  • Property management
  • Reporting
  • Controlling

Technical management

  • Maintenance management
  • Planning services
  • Process optimisation
  • Documentation
  • Energy management
  • Upgrading /Renovation

Infrastructural management

  • Cleaning management
  • Caretaker service
  • Security service
  • Building and support services

“Advancement through technology”

To help render sustainably high-quality management services, we use the DOMUS 4000 software. This means our trained management specialists are able to deal with complex issues for you transparently and efficiently.