Commercial Management

When it comes to central commercial management of properties, our priority is profitability, value preservation, and appreciation in value.

Friendly, competent and binding support for your tenants, as well as short reaction times in the event of any problems, ensure satisfied tenants and a low rate of fluctuations and vacancies.

We always keep you, as the owner, well informed. We act independently as part of the agreement, and according to individual discussions with you if important decisions need to be made.

We help you to realise your strategic and operative goals through systematic implementation and application of the following management processes:

  • Property-based accountin
  • Cost management
  • Contract management
  • Property management
  • Reporting
  • Controlling

To help us provide consistently high-quality management, we use the DOMUS 4000 software. This allows our trained management specialists to deal with complex matters for you transparently and efficiently.

Profile of the commercial services

The commercial services of Helenos Immobilienverwaltung GmbH in detail (content based on GEFMA 100 and DIN 32736):

Building-based property accounting

  • Debit and credit accounts (general ledger accounting)
  • Income statement, monthly accounts, balances
  • Accounting of owner costs
  • Accounting of additional costs, calculation of advance payments of additional costs
  • Auditing, allocating invoice amounts to accounts, payment transactions, opening/managing/closing accounts and cash offices, determining accruals and deferrals
  • Management of OPOS lists, reminders, terminating rental claims, as well as making provisions

Cost management

  • Stocktaking
  • Cost types, cost centres, cost units
  • Part /Full cost accounting
  • Activity-based costing and optimisation
  • Budget, annual budget
  • Target-actual analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Analysis of cost saving potentials
  • External benchmarking

Contract management (Contract matrix)

  • Contract drafting (Preparation, recommending conditions, credit assessment, conclusion, determining securities, flexible adjustment to special requirements, termination)
  • Adjustment and modification of lease contracts, rent adjustments (rent increases through upgrades, comparative rentals,…)
  • Processing rent security deposits
  • Contract sanalysis and optimisation
  • Documentation and filing
  • Lease contract management
  • Management of contracts with third parties (Suppliers, service providers, authorities, insurance)

Property management

  • Data recording and data collection by the contractual partners such as tenants, authorities, service providers, suppliers, other third parties, as well as property data (recording individual units of the overall property), as well as validation of the data
  • Continual updating of the data
  • Documentation of leased premises
  • Written correspondence with tenants and third parties
  • Tenant support (Handover, acceptance, communication)
  • Surveyingg and inspection
  • Insurance
  • Handling defect notices
  • Plan management
  • Attending to maintenance measures
  • Advice and handling of land register matters
  • Financing advice (Preparation, procurement, execution)
  • Handling of construction matters

Reporting / Statistics

  • Business assessments
  • Lists of sums/balances
  • Budget status of the property
  • Report on the current key property figures
  • Report on the current key portfolio figures
  • Annual report, annual accounts
  • Report on property activities


  • Monitoring of services (Offers, contracts, implementation, acceptance, warranty)
  • Tenant management
  • Defect notices
  • Business assessment (Benchmarking of operating costs)

Brief profile of commercial services

Bookkeeping /Accounting

When accepting a property to manage, we take charge of setting up a caretaker account as a trust account, and registering it with the social security authorities and other contractual partners. We also take charge of all property management payment transactions using electronic accounting.

By retrieving the account information every day, we can immediately monitor incoming rent and immediately initiate reminder and collection procedures for missing amounts.

Modern and reliable IT systems

The accounts for operating costs and strata fees are compiled within our company using the “Domus 4000” programme.

Our commercial property managers – Your partners in Asset Management

Owners and asset managers need information and tools to make decisions, develop strategies, optimise profits and ensure cash-flows. Our commercial management provides the entire range of management services for this.

Reporting and business transparency

Multilingual reports are a matter of course. Individual reporting requirements are also taken into account.

The owner regularly receives a pay-out for excess rental income. The income and expenses are accounted for monthly/quarterly for the owner. An annual account (with a sales tax report for commercial or mixed properties) is also compiled for tax purposes.

We compile detailed annual budgets and long-term budgets as the basis of effective property operation. In doing so, the apportionability of costs is also taken into account. The agreed budget is also constantly monitored.

Tenant support

Tenant support is one of our main priorities. Our staff provide all tenants with personal, telephone support 365 days a year from 8am to 8pm. Emergency services are offered after hours.

Of course, we are also available to tenants in person during normal office hours. Our technical property managers and leasing specialists are available in person on site, including after hours.

We constantly attend to tenants, and undertake all written correspondence with them.

If a tenant moves out, a decision is made on the settlement/payment of the bond after a thorough inspection of the apartment acceptance report, as well as the rent account. In doing so, possible damage compensation claims are taken into account. The bond account, including the interest calculation, insofar as this is not done by the bank, is compiled by the strata manager.

Of course, we inform the tenants of our competency and availability during and outside office hours.