Strata Management

We help you protecting your rights from third parties, and offer you the necessary objectivity and security as a constructive negotiator and mediator in the area of crisis- and conflict-management. Because it’s in these critical conflict situations that the wheat is separated from the chaff in terms of management.

We consider property value guarantees and value increases to be one of the important common goals of an owners’ association.

We always strive to ensure transparency in the services rendered, as well as close co-operation and consultation with the residents.

Careful bookkeeping is a matter for us. Using professional, electronic accounting systems, we take care of all payment transactions for you reliably and securely.

We perform our strata management taking into account the legal conditions, particularly:

  • The German law on residential property
  • By-laws and und declaration of division
  • Decisions made by the owners’ meeting

Our services include:

  • Collecting maintenance fees as per the budget, payment of ongoing capital- and management costs
  • Formulation of an annual maintenance fees account
  • Calling an annual owners’ meeting
  • Ongoing monitoring of the structural condition, as well as planning, awarding contracts for, and monitoring necessary maintenance work by selecting suitable specialist firms, incl. auditing
  • Formulation of house rules, as well as monitoring observance of these
  • Concluding contracts as part of the ongoing management tasks (maintenance- and administration contracts)
  • Conducting business and written correspondence relating to strata management, as well as all negotiations as part of conventional ongoing management activities