Technical Management

When it comes to local technical management of properties, our priorities are asset preservation and profitability. Permanent, consistently quality-oriented management aims to limit operating and maintenance costs, and thereby promote the lettability of your properties, as well as guarantee and increase returns.

We have applied the technical management of your property to the following six service levels (on request, retrieve detailed performance profile):

  • Maintenance management
  • Planning services
  • Process optimisation
  • Documentation
  • Energy management
  • Upgrading/Renovation/Refurbishment

These services allow us to completely meet technical requirements, and ensure optimum management of your property.

Aims of technical management

We pursue main objectives arranged with the investor to optimise the assets:

  • Protect the property’s assets
  • Optimise maintenance- and follow-up-costs
  • Ensure the property’s profitability in the long-term
  • Ensure the property’s functional capability

Profile of the technical services

Maintenance management

We have defined the technical management tasks for maintenance and repairs as follows:

  • Ongoing monitoring of the construction status
  • Awarding contracts for, and supervising, all necessary repairs by selecting suitable specialist companies, incl. auditing
  • Conclusion of maintenance contracts and awarding contracts for maintenance work
  • Planning and arranging necessary maintenance- and repair work

Our sister company, AP Bau GmbH, performs planning and construction services from the entire HOAI catalogue.

Process optimisation

Insufficient processes usually turn out to be cost drivers for managing a property. Lack of transparency, unstructured work processes, and redundant services often generate additional expenses. By clearly structuring performance phases and competencies, we avoid this development. We also analyse the technical and operative processes in your property in order to identify hidden performance potentials.


The “Documentation” area comprises the recording, storing and updating of all information and data for managing a property. The main focus is on the following documents (DIN 32736):

  • Inventory documents
  • Consumption data
  • Operating logs
  • Instruction manuals
  • Acceptance reports
  • Maintenance reports

Energy management

Energy management is an important part of reducing ongoing operating costs. In times of increasing energy costs, we pay particular attention to this area by giving your property a long-term competitive advantage.

We conduct consistent energy management tasks for you with the help of the following phases:

  • Calculating optimisation potentials from a contractual, construction and technical point of view
  • Planning measures to increase energy efficiency from business administration perspectives
  • Implementing saving measures


If the need for action on a property extends beyond simple maintenance measures, we and our sister company, AP Bau GmbH, are able to undertake professional upgrading and renovation work for you. In doing so, we can offer you a complex range of services, from renovation of a single apartment, to substantial refurbishment of an apartment complex.

Our technical property managers – Specialists in technical operation on site

Our technical property managers have a local operations base near the property and the tenant. The main task is to ensure technical operation.

Precautionary checks of the property

The Technical Property Managers regularly check the condition of the properties and the associated technical systems. The results of these checks are thoroughly documented.

On-site contact person

Through their regular presence on the property, the Technical Property Managers are available to all tenants as on-site contact persons.

Handovers and acceptances

When it comes to new lease agreements, or the termination of these, the Technical Property Managers are responsible for documenting all handovers and acceptances of the rented premises.

Any defects, as well as the number of keys and the meter readings, are recorded. Investigations are made into who is responsible for the defect. Defect removal is then demanded, setting a deadline. If any damage compensation claims are asserted, the legal deadlines (statute of limitations) must be upheld.

Removing damages and defects

In the event of any defects during a leasing contract, we agree on an inspection date with the tenants.  Should repair measures be necessary, we obtain relevant offers from specialised firms, and also check the warranty claims and the assertion of these.

Care and maintenance

The property managers instruct an experienced caretaker to care for and maintain the property.

All technical services are rendered by internal or external experts and specialists (e.g. facility managers, providers, tradespeople etc.). The Technical Property Managers are your contact persons for tendering, awarding, monitoring and assessing the quality of these services.