Crisis- and Conflict Management

Our mediation experience and big industry knowledge allow us – as external advisors – to take an objective position in the most diverse of situations.

We offer you sensitive and constructive crisis- and conflict-management as a means of intervention.

We have divided our crisis intervention advisory services into the following areas for you:

  • Debt management, Collection of outstanding claims
  • Streamlining tenant clientele
  • Arbitration processes
  • Taking over crisis-affected management areas (e.g.: disrupted communication between investor and manager)
  • Termination of leases and dislodging of problematic tenants

We also assess and optimise contracts under your current management for you on request. With our help, you can create an objective picture of your existing contracts. We discuss our analysis results with you, and offer you various options for future actions.

The location or the building condition is not always the reason for a property’s insufficient economic situation. We analyse existing processes and identify possible optimisation potentials to increase the building’s attractiveness.